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Norphans Grant Application 

We are Alumni of Northeast Catholic High School (Philadelphia, PA).  Our purpose is to bring together as many fellow Falcons through different events throughout the year. Our goal is to raise money to assist families with the ever increasing cost of a Catholic education & for other select charities in the Philadelphia area. Our Alma Mater may be closed, but the Falcon spirit shall never die. The Norphans is an Incorporated 501(c3) Non-Profit since 2014.


Since our inception, the Norphans organization has awarded over a quarter million dollars to children and grandchildren of North Catholic graduates who attend Catholic High Schools in SE Pennsylvania and South Jersey.


The application period for the 2023-24 school year has ended.

Corporal Jimmy O'Connor
Memorial Scholarship Fund

On March 13, 2020, Corporal James O’Connor was shot and killed during a SWAT team operation while attempting to serve a murder warrant. Jimmy, as he was known to friends and family, was posthumously promoted to Sergeant. He was 46 years old with 23 years on the Philadelphia Police Department. Jimmy comes from a large, loving family dedicated police family.  He is survived by his wife Terri, and they have two children.  Their son James is also a Philadelphia Police Officer and is married to Nicole.  Their daughter Kelsey serves in the U.S. Air Force.  Jimmy’s is also survived by his parents, James and Carol, he too a retired Philadelphia Police Officer, brother John and granddaughter Callie.  His family, friends and fellow officers miss him dearly.  Jimmy was a proud North Catholic graduate where he played soccer with friends whom he stayed in close contact. He regularly attended NC functions throughout the years and was a friendly face at the Norphans summer reunion in North Wildwood.


Corporal Jimmy O'Connor Memorial Scholarship Recipients

Archbishop Ryan - Brenna Lanigan - 9th grade & Elle Fitzgerald - 11th grade

Norphans Scholarship Award Recipients

Archbishop Ryan – Kaden Anderson, Max Brown, Katie Crompton, Gia Deluisi, Elle Fitzgerald, Mary Grace Hess,  Brandon Molinaro, Carlie Nigro, Sean Rola, Ryan Schofield, Mark Stopyra, Kennedy Wynne, Ethan Large, Riley Lukach   

Archbishop Wood –  Ava DeGeorge, Brigid Johnston, Joe Kirchner, Jenell Moebius, Ashley Stinson

Camden Catholic – Natalie Coyle, Shannon Galloway, Priscella Grazioli

Cardinal O’Hara – Luca Merkle

Conwell Egan – Maggie O’Donnell, Maddison O’Keefe, Ryan Rutledge

Father Judge – Nathan Anderson, Joseph Blake, Dylan Boyle, Matteo Cancelliere, Dave Dorman, Ken Frankiewicz, Kevin Gereaghty, Brayden Henes, Sean McKenna,  Blaise Mulvenna, Davis Oszajca, James Shensky, Michael Skierski, Hayden Smith, Ronald Suarez, Dennis Sullivan, Luke Thomas, John Trask, Quinn Whalen, John Wood, Tyler Yerkov, Augustus Snyder

Gloucester Catholic – Emily McGinn

Holy Ghost Prep -  Max Conti, Aiden Farrell. Rob Wimsey

Little Flower –  Sam Alampi, Rory Bagnell, Olivia Bradley, Maggie Carpenter, Emily Maciochi, Brynn Maguire, Lucy Patterson, Casey Roberts, Alyssa Seifert, Grace Smith, Kaitlyn Tieri

Merion Mercy – Cara Comey

Mount St Joseph – Anastasia Roman

Nazareth – Anna Kane, Riann Kane, Madalynn McKenna, Lily O’Neill, Sara Ratka, Grace Reteneller

Our Lady of Mercy Elizabeth Giamboy

Paul VI – Matt Helder, Abigail McCool

Neumann Goretti – Eric Lannutti

Roman Catholic – Dillon Bliven, Anahjair Boyd, Patrick Dugan, Brayden Dunbar, Sean McAneny, Keeghan Nast, Jayden Rounbehler, Matt Shissler, Ryan Uholik

St Huberts – Ashleigh Baisch, Mia Bannon, Jen Bytof, Caitlin Cranston, Kathryn Gehringer, Failyn Lydon, Ava Sodos, Grace Smith, Olivia Steinmetz, Faye Thompson, Emma Wimsey, Hannah Wimsey

St Joseph Prep – Evan Jack Anzilotti, Michael Fenerty, Laurence Sullivan, Keegan Swift

Norphans Scholarship Award Recipients

Archbishop Carroll - Jack Gallagher

Archbishop Ryan - Grace Bergmark, Molly Botthof, Ethan Buck, Nathan Crompton, Abigail Cunningham, Elle Fitzgerald, Frank Guckin, Matthew Helfrich, Mary Grace Hess, Nicholas Kates, Ethan Large, Riley Lukach, Rohan Macko, Cara Marquess, Carly Marquess, Jessica McCurry, Tierney McGovern, Keira McKenna, Shannon Montoya, Casey O'Rourke, Logan Roberts, Peter Rola, John Romero, Aidan Rosselli, Joseph Stock, Kailee Weney

Archbishop Wood - Ava DeGeorge, Abigail Franklin, Joseph Kirchner, Ashley Stinson

Bonner-Prendergast - Patrick Berkery

Conwell-Egan - Kevin Bagner, Maddison O'Keefe, Ryan Rutledge

Father Judge - Robert Allen, Michael Anderson, Joseph Blake, Dylan Boyle, Matt Devine, Nicholas Foster, Ken Frankewicz, Kevin Gereaghty, Joseph Gillespie, Seamus Hart, Brayden Henes, Liam Maccari, Nicholas McKee, Sean McKenna, Drew Meyers, Joseph Murphy, Ryan Nefferdorf, David Oszajca, Nathan Patton, Max Perry, Aidan Phillips, Matthew Scheidler, Owen Skierski, Hayden Smith, Dennis Sullivan, Shane Syzchulski, John Trask, John Wood,  Dom Veneziale, Nicholas Wolf, Tyler Yerkov, Luke Zorawski

Gloucester Catholic - Emily McGinn

Little Flower - Rory Bagnell, Olivia Bradley, Meghan Brennan, Hailey Cantz, Maggie Carpenter, Molly Curran, Gabrielle Dever, Kaydence Dillon, Gabrielle Dugan, Jane Kelly, Casey Roberts, Grace Nelson Smith, Kaitlyn Tieri, Gianna Marie Vishio

Paul VI - Abigail McCool

Roman Catholic - MIchael Clayton, Joseph Dever, Patrick Dugan, Edward Kiely, Jack Kelly, Joseph Lodise, Joseph McKillip, Jayden Roundbehler, Ryan Uholik, Michael Wilkowski

Norphans Scholarship Award Recipients

St Huberts - Amanda Planita, Molly Hauser, Haylee Allen, Lauren Quinn, Madison Heston, Rebecca Forkin, Katherine Joyce, Amanda Meissler,  Rileigh Bratek, Michalene Haurin , Katheryn Gehringer, Kylie Bytof, Isabella Marino, Makayla Kelly, Rylee McIlhenny, Mia Tobin, Celeste Pizzaro


Roman Catholic - John Swanson, Timothy Kane, James Tobin, Ed Kiely, Jack Kelly, Joe Lodise, Joseph McKillip, Michael Clayton, Jayden Rounbehler, Michael McCurry, William Bell


Camden Catholic - Shannon Galloway, Olivia Wheeler, Adriana Palma, Alex Lavin, Anna Wills, Molly McGovern, Colleen McGill, John Skinner


Wildwood Catholic - Grace Garrison, Chase Henfey


Paul VI - Meggan Bischoff, Patrick McCool, Antonetta Malloy, Rachel Yankanich, Matthew Houck


Neumann Goretti - Damian Suarez


Father Judge - Denis Szychulski , James Stinson, Ronan McDermott,  Max Perry, Joseph O”Brien, Dylan Dydak, Robert Allen, John Trask, Kevin Gereaghty, Drew Meyers, Joseph Blake, Nicholas Foster, Dominic Savino, Ryan Nefferdorf, Kevin Comey, Liam Maccari, Joseph Lombardo, Max Perry, Sean McKenna, Ronan McDermott , Owen Sherwin,  Dom Veneziale


Little Flower - Hailey Cantz , Grace Smith , Brynn Thompson, Kaleigh Florentino ,  Rory Bagnell , Gabriella Dugan, Allyssa Seifert


Lansdale Catholic – Evan Hannings


Hallahan - Kaylie Berkery, Emily Gallagher, Caitlin Siemien , Madison Bucher, Dakota Bodkin, Amelia Wendrychowicz, Keira McKenna, Finley McFadden, Isabel Lugo, Katie McCole


Conwell Egan - Daria Quinn, Ryan Rutledge, James Fiorentino, Michael Branigan, Maddison O’Keefe, Maggie O’Donnell, Kylie Fiermonte


Archbishop Wood -  Michael Darcy , Ashley Stinson, Grace Franklin , Maggie Pokrywka, Dre Wilusz, Patrick Welsh, Logan Pietrzak, Jenell Moebius, Alyssa DeGeorge, Joseph Kirchner


Archbishop Ryan - Matthew Helfrich, Peter Rola, Nathan Crompton, Carly Marquess , Cara Marquess, Evan O’Neill , Shannon Montoya, Chris McKenna, Owen Stock , Rohan Macko, Abigail Cunningham

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