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Norphans Regretfully Postpone Norphan’s Weekend 2020 until 2021

Ben Franklin might have preached “lost time is never found again” but Ben never met the North Catholic Falcons. The Norphan’s Board agonized over this decision from the time this pandemic hit our shores and ultimately decided that everyone’s safety was first and foremost. With this in mind, we are postponing this year’s event and rescheduling it for Saturday, July 31, 2021 at Keenan’s Irish Pub.

Our event, unlike other schools, encompasses not just the day but the whole weekend which played a big part in our decision. We, like you, have circled this weekend on our calendar and is the highlight of the summer vacation. With a year to prepare, next year’s event will be the biggest and best. Each year, we have seen significant increase in attendance to share their love, their comradery and memories that was North. Our notoriety has made us the envy of other schools and a considerate portion of our “friends” whom come from these schools. So please, mark your calendars accordingly and start your planning for the 2021 event.

We still need your help and support though. The purpose of the Norphan’s is to help children of North Alumni attend Catholic high schools in and round Philadelphia. This year, we decided to expand our assistance to include students from the South Jersey area. Our July event is the primary fundraiser that pays for this. In 2019, Norphan’s scholarships totaled $50,000 and we thank you as we never could have done this without your help. With this in mind, we are asking our sponsors to stick with us this year if possible of course. To our attendees, North alums, family of alums and friends of North any donation is appreciated. Please visit our new website: where you will see a “block pool” donation icon in the menu bar. We will be sharing with the winner $25,000 in prize money based on the PA Lottery Daily number.

If by chance, you are down the shore this July 25, feel free to stop by Keenan’s and hoist an adult beverage in memory and tribute to Norphans and to thank Keenan’s and its staff for their help, patience and support of the Norphans. We will have tribute shirts to commemorate this year, just visit the website for this SWAG and look for the tag

We know this has been a difficult time for all of us, it is not lost on us that many of us are having difficult times and financial hardships. It is our intention to get through these unpredictable times and continue to support the children of North alums and selected non-profits that directly help our community.

The Falcons Never Die!

V + J

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