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Len Knobbs, North Catholic Alumni Stalwart Passes

On December 17th, Mr. Len Knobbs passed after a short battle with Covid 19. Len was a proud and devoted member of North Catholic’s Alumni Association. In 1956, he was elected to its Board of Governors and until his death, he was active in every capacity of the Association. Under his stewardship, the Association worked tirelessly in working with the school to provide financial assistance to students and in many cases, the school itself. With the unveiling of the Coopers & Lybrand study in the early 1990s, Archdiocesan high schools were under increasing pressure to financially stand on their own two feet and pre-dated open enrollment. With his and a few others help, North remained open until 2010. Len will always be remembered, and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

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